Happy thursday to all from che. Today is our last full day here at the orphanage. Its a bitter sweet feeling to be thinking we willimage image image image image image image image image image image image be leaving very soon. With being here more days than several years ago you really can get adapted to the schedule and to the smiling faces.

yesterday was a pretty great day. Preperations were made all day by mama lapita and her staff for the big fiesta. Lots of cooking and cleaning and dreasing up.  The fiesta was pretty amazing. They brought in a mechanical bull which most of us rode and was quite fun and funny to watch. The children here looooved it. Seeing their smiley faces around it was amazing! They then grilled hot dogs and buns for us, nachos, slushies and some other fantastic stuff. It was very neat and touching. Probably the most touching part for me was right as it started a few children from che taped up two banners. The first said “we love you guys” them had all the males names from our team and the second was for the girls. Brought me to tears. I walked up to brit carrying a hot dog and a slushie and said “this is pretty amazing hugh” and she said “yes we are the most blessed people in the world” and she is right we are all so blessed!  The party ended with shaving cream and water balloon fights which brought lots of smiles all around.

earlier in the day a group of us scraped, cleaned and painted bunk beds in one of the girls rooms they will finish that today. Please keep the team and the communitynof che in your thoughts and prayers today!



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